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Family devastated after cat goes missing at Logan Airport

Family devastated after cat goes missing at Logan Airport
Family devastated after cat goes missing at Logan Airport 01:41

BOSTON - For a military couple stationed in Germany 16 years ago, landing at Logan Airport last week was supposed to be a happy homecoming. 

"My four kids will come up for the Fourth of July and I'll see all the four grandkids. Two of them I haven't been able to meet because of COVID," explained Patty Sahli. 

But in the move back to be with family, one member - was literally lost. 

"Yeah, it's kind of a nightmare. It's a cat, we love her," Patty said, sadly. 

Lufthansa said that when unloading the flight Friday, "Rowdy" got out of her carrier. 

Rowdy Logan Airport cat
Rowdy went missing after a flight from Germany landed at Logan Airport  CBS Boston

"At first we got told, 'yeah she got out and she's just in the cargo area.' We thought, 'OK they'll find her. She's running around in an enclosed space.'"

But in another email, the family was told Rowdy chased after a bird. Now they fear the cat is outside and on her own. 

"She's a black cat, it's been hot the last few days. She has no real food or water," Patty said. 

Patty has checked with local animal shelters. But they just want someone at the airline to care as much as they do. 

"We were on hold forever; we weren't getting anyone who really knew any details about her or that flight or anything," Patty said.

For now, they're counting on Rowdy living up to her name - and coming back around after a big airport adventure. 

"She's really loud, kind of a little wild, kind of like a dog," Patty said. "Big green eyes. I'm just still really hoping that she'll show up."

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