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Los Angeles City Councilman Wants MLB To Award 2017, 2018 World Series Titles To Dodgers

By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- The city of Los Angeles feels cheated out of two World Series titles, and they want Major League Baseball to do something about it. But like L.A. traffic, that request is probably going nowhere.

The Dodgers lost the World Series to the Houston Astros in 2017 and the Boston Red Sox in 2018. But now that an MLB investigation revealed an elaborate sign-stealing scheme by Alex Cora and the Astros in 2017, and with an investigation ongoing into Cora and the 2018 Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles city councilman Gil Cedillo wants MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to strip those titles and award them to the Dodgers.

"This is an equity and justice thing," Cedillo told the LA Times. "Who was the best team in 2017? Who was the best team in 2018? It was the Dodgers. They got beat by teams that were cheating.

"Do they need to be told that they shouldn't have a title?" he wondered, adding that this is not a publicity stunt and that he believes the council will approve the resolution.

There's only one catch: You kind of have to win the World Series to actually win the World Series.

And while the Dodgers fell to both teams in the Fall Classic, the New York Yankees would also have a pretty big beef, since they lost to the Astros and Red Sox during their respective World Series runs.

The chances of MLB vacating either championship is slim to none. And when the NCAA vacates titles, they just strip the champs; they don't then award the title to the runner-ups, because that's just silly.

And with rumbles that the Dodgers have been partaking in some funny business of their own, maybe L.A. city councilfolk should focus on other, more important issues.

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