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Lookout for Fun at Lookout Rooftop Bar

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The Lookout
Lookout Rooftop Bar

Lookout Rooftop Bar
70 Sleeper St.,
Boston MA 02210

Apparently today hotels are a lot more than you might imagine. They're not just a place to sneak off to with your "honey on the side" or the place for for your family vacay, but they are once again becoming the center of the epic party scene they were in the days of Zeppelin.

Just in time for America's rager of the year, the Envoy Hotel's rooftop bar opened its doors to one of Boston's hottest spots. Located atop the 8th story of The Envoy Hotel is the Lookout Rooftop Bar— the hottest spot in town where you can literally look out over Boston, look out for love/ lust (which ever you prefer) or just look out for an awesome time.

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This 4th of July head to the place where you can enjoy the warm weather, watch women in 'merican pride outfits, snack on shrimp cocktail, sip an outrageously delicious cocktail or three, and maybe even experience some of your own fireworks!

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Don't be one of those dud firecrackers… you know the ones; they just make a horrible screaming sound then don't even get off the ground… let The Lookout, the drinks, your honey and the ambiance help you fly high this 4th of July.

Who knows, if you play it right maybe you'll be hosting your own after party in a hotel lobby (or room)... depending on how you feel about p.d.a.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Boston.

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