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Over/Under: Who Wins More NBA Titles, Lonzo Ball Or Jayson Tatum?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Lonzo Ball and Jayson Tatum will be compared forever after being drafted to the Lakers and Celtics at the top of the 2017 NBA Draft. But for 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones and Nick Cattles, it's never too early to debate who will win more NBA championships.

It was an "Over/Under" Tuesday on The Game of Jones, as Jones and Cattles discussed the latest topics in Boston sports. The numbers, and Jones' answers, are below:

Celtics' current win streak: over/under 12.5 games

"I don't really see many hurdles," said Jones. "We talked about the schedule. I guess any team could trip them up. ... But I think they keep the win streak going right up until Golden State ... I say over 12.5, and that thing's riding against Golden State next week."

NBA titles Lonzo Ball wins in career: over/under Tatum's NBA titles

"I'm gonna say over," said Jones. "And here's why. If [Ball] ends up playing with LeBron - and I know LeBron is getting up there in age - then I can't possibly ignore the fact that he could ride coattails. ... So give me the over on Lonzo Ball, just based on where he plays and based on the talent that's gonna want to go play there and possibly with him."

Kyrie Irving's finish in MVP vote rankings: over/under 3.5

"Right now it's got to be under. He's your MVP," said Jones. "He's the best player on the best team, and he's made the biggest difference in the league. ... Does he finish as the MVP? Probably not. But could he have the same sort of impact that Isaiah had a year ago but on a better team? ... Yeah, I think he'll be in the top-3 at the end of the year."

Triple doubles for Celtics' Al Horford this season: 0.5

"Yeah, I'll take the under on that," said Jones. "He's a triple double threat every night. He's always right there, but never quite actually gets there. ... He'll give you a nice 12-10-8 ... so I will take the under."

Stephon Gilmore snaps for Patriots against Broncos: over/under Bademosi snaps

"I think they're gonna be over, but I don't think they should be," said Jones. "I'm not saying you run away from Gilmore, but I wouldn't run away from Bademosi either. ... The fact that he's had this much time to get ready, that leads me to believe he's gonna play more snaps than Bademosi on Sunday night in Denver. I don't think he should."

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