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Spring breakers from Massachusetts not bothered by Miami trying to keep them away

Spring breakers not bothered by Miami trying to keep them away
Spring breakers not bothered by Miami trying to keep them away 02:24

BOSTON - As Miami Beach is trying to "break up" with spring breakers this year, college students flying out of Logan Airport for the holiday said not much can deter them from the sun and fun.

The City of Miami Beach released a PSA seemingly severing ties with spring breakers.

"It's not us. It's you. We just want different things," the video explained. "You just want to get drunk in public and ignore laws. Do you even remember what happened last March?"

Miami Beach police are hoping to prevent the unruly crowds on the beach, in the streets and the late night violence that ensued in the city during spring break 2023.

"In one word: hectic, for sure," Matthew Ziegler told WBZ TV before boarding his flight for Miami. "Crowds, a lot of police because there's hours where you can't be out. Just mobs of people out drinking."

Spring breakers flying out of Logan Airport said the video is funny, but will it do much to deter college kids?

"Definitely not. I mean, it's spring break – it's the whole connotation and stereotype that spring break is the most active, most fun week of the year," Ziegler explained.

"I don't know if college kids can be stopped," another traveler said. "Because if a bunch of college kids go to Miami or something…chaos is bound to ensue."

From strict curfews and $100 fees for parking to DUI checkpoints, CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg said the city is trying to curb the huge crowds during the most profitable week of the year.

"Remember, it's a double-edged sword because all the retail establishments in Miami still want to generate revenue so it's going to be an interesting balance to see if they achieve that," said Greenberg.

Miami Beach is over the chaos, but are spring breakers ready to let go and move on?

"Honestly, it did a little bit," joked Zach Rock when asked if the PSA would make him want to visit Miami more.

Not all cities in Florida are telling vacationers to stay away though. About 45 minutes north in Fort Lauderdale, the mayor is welcoming the "organized fun."

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