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Man Breaches Security, Enters Plane's Cargo Hold At Logan Airport

BOSTON (CBS) – A Malden man was arrested Monday afternoon after he went through an emergency exit at Logan Airport and got into the cargo hold of a plane, State Police said. The suspect, 31-year-old Sergiu Parfeni, is being charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and interfering with aircraft operation.

According to State Police, Parfeni went out a Terminal C exit door, accessed the tarmac, and briefly entered a plane's cargo hold before he was removed by JetBlue employees. As State Police worked to arrest Parfeni he told them "you can't tell me what to do, you need to let me go home," said a police report.

"The booking process had to be stopped several times due to Parfeni not complying with directives and acting out. He would begin to yell, sing, and shout profanities and then threaten bodily harm to myself and other MSP personal," the report continued.

The plane was delayed for more than 30 minutes as it swept by a bomb dog but nothing suspicious was found. State Police said there is no evidence Parfeni acted with "terrorist intent."

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