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Local Urban Farm Provides Unique Program To Help Homeless

BOSTON (CBS) -- Small plots of land are flourishing as urban farms in many cities, but the one we visited in Dorchester has a unique mission.

It's called Revision Urban Farm which is part of Victory Programs, an agency that works on a wide range of social issues.  The goal of the farm is to help homeless families and young people move ahead in a sometimes difficult world.  At Revision Farm, young people with summer jobs, many volunteers and staff work together to provide fresh, healthy produce for the community.

"I really love dirt and plants and people, so it's a really good combination of all those things," says Shani Fletcher, the farm's manager.

"I think we are pretty unique and we've been here for a long time which is great," she adds.

The unique part is that just across the street is the Revision Family home, a homeless shelter that's part of the program.

"The shelter is for 22 pregnant and parenting women and their children," says Fletcher.  And the farm supplies the shelter.

"A lot of people, especially low income people and even more especially homeless families, have very limited access to fresh, healthy organic food," Fletcher says.

The farm is also a job training tool for shelter residents and for high school students who are part of the youth program.

Urban Farming

"All of the basic professionalism, being on time, following instructions, taking initiative," says Fletcher.

And every week the young people make a community lunch, and more.

"You get to serve many people who might not get to have the experience of having fresh vegetables," says Ifrah Gurhan, one of the students.

"We're helping out the community by farming and helping single mothers in shelters," adds Ersley Deprna.

"We're part of the farm to table process.  I just feel great helping people," says Nolan Hagan, another student.

Revision Urban Farm has been growing for about 20 years.

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