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One-Eyed 'Highly Intelligent' Llama Up For Adoption In Massachusetts

METHUEN (CBS) -- There's a very unusual animal up for adoption with the MSPCA - a one-eyed llama.

Hyacinth the llama is 10 years old and had to be given up by her previous owners because they were unable to care for her eye problem. The staff at Nevins Farm in Methuen brought the llama to Tufts, where she had an expensive surgery to remove the right eye that had likely been damaged by past trauma.

"This was ultimately the best decision for Hyacinth as it means she's not in danger of recurring infections or other issues that would cause her pain or discomfort—and all signs point toward the vision of her remaining eye remaining strong enough for her to navigate her surrounds quite well, all considering," MSPCA-Angell adoptions centers director Mike Keiley said in a statement.

Now the focus is getting Hyacinth, who is only the fifth llama to be surrendered to Nevins Farm in the past two decades, into a "loving home" soon.

Llamas are "highly intelligent and very social," and Hyacinth would do well with a herd of compatible animals.

llama outside
Hyacinth the llama (Photo credit: MSPCA)

"In her past home she had goat companions that she enjoyed greatly," Keiley said.

Anyone interested in adopting the llama can go to

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