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Girl Sells Lemonade, Raises More Than $370,000 For Brain Surgeries In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Selling lemonade started as a fun hobby for 7-year-old Liza Scott and her grandfather, but the Alabama girl found it to be a lifesaving tool when she suffered a medical emergency. A possible cure brought her to Boston.

"She has seizures that are caused by three different cerebral malformations," said Liza's mother, Elizabeth Scott.

It's a rare condition that Liza Scott's family found out about a few weeks ago after she suffered her first seizure.

The family traveled from Birmingham, Alabama to Boston to undergo the first of a series of brain surgeries Monday at Boston Children's Hospital to prevent future seizures and stroke.

Little Liza began selling lemonade at her mother's bakery to help cover the mounting medical costs.

"She asked if she could sell lemonade and we were like 'sure,' to help pay for costs," said Elizabeth Scott. "Insurance covers a good bit of it, but we're now no longer in the state of Alabama."

Loyal customers and perfect strangers alike donated more than $370,000 to help Liza feel better.

After a long day of traveling to Massachusetts, the 7-year-old didn't have much to say, but she was fascinated by our microphone. Her smile and zest for life captured around the globe.

"It makes you feel real thankful and very blessed of course, but it's hard, especially as you get closer to the day of the first surgery," said Scott.

Liza will undergo brain surgery on Monday and will recover in Boston for the next two weeks.

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