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Twins Born To Intubated Mom With COVID-19 Discharged From Hospital

EVERETT (CBS) -- Lisseth Hernandez can now resume a normal life -- as normal as life can be with twin babies and a toddler.

"Today I woke up at five o'clock in the morning because I had anxiety. So nervous," the Everett woman said.

On Tuesday, her twins, Sebastien and Milagros Aurora, were discharged from Tufts Medical Center NICU and allowed to return home.

Over a month ago, a pregnant Hernandez was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital and put on a ventilator with a COVID-19 diagnosis. When she woke up, her twin babies had been delivered ten weeks early by emergency c-section and transferred to Tufts Medical Center.

Two weeks passed before Hernandez could hold her twins and they still needed help to breathe and eat.

Twins Sebastien and Milagros Aurora Hernandez were both discharged from the hospital Tuesday (WBZ-TV)

"I feel like this is a new chapter. For me and for the babies," said Lisseth Tuesday, which is still four weeks before the twins' actual due date.

"I don't believe it. It's amazing," Lisseth's husband, Oscar Hernandez said.

Associate Medical Director of the Tufts NICU, Dr. Jaclyn Boulais, said the twins made incredible progress.

"It's so rare for twins to actually be discharged on the same day when they're born 10 weeks early. They're both getting out of here four weeks before their due date so they're pretty remarkable," Boulais said.

Hernandez said she is grateful for her family's health. "It's amazing. A miracle," she said.

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