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Runners Inspired By Lingzi Lu Prepare For Boston Marathon

BOSTON (CBS) - Ten runners will take on the Boston Marathon in memory of Lingzi Lu. Her family described her as courageous and ambitious, two qualities helping inspire those running in her name.

"We always used to make pancakes in the morning," Lu's cousin Shevanna Yee said.

Yee, now 16, misses those mornings with her cousin. "It's gotten better the past few years. I have a lot of friends that help me out."

She also has the comfort of knowing Lu's named is kept alive.

For the second time, Max Tucker runs Boston for the Lingzi Foundation.

"As anyone else who lives in Boston the connection to the race and the events that happened make it special in itself, but as a BU student as well, it adds a third level of connection," said runner Max Tucker.

Lu was 23 years old attending Boston University as an international student from China. She was killed when the second marathon bomb went off.

Helen Zhao is Lu's aunt who lives in New England. "Very important to keep her spirit alive. We appreciate the runners," said Zhao.

The money raised has gone to different groups helping give kids opportunity.

"She valued culture and people of different backgrounds and she brought that to Boston and Boston University. And, I would like to continue that anyway I can," said Tucker.

The runners gathered for a pre-marathon get-together in the spirit of Lingzi Lu who followed her dreams, an idea that they will proudly sport on marathon Monday.

"It's a great way to kind of add to another level and meaning to something that otherwise would have been more about just yourself," said Tucker.

The family wants to build the foundation up to provide scholarships.

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