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Lindsay Clancy's attorney says she was overmedicated before children's deaths in Duxbury

Lindsay Clancy's attorney says she was overmedicated before children's deaths in Duxbury
Lindsay Clancy's attorney says she was overmedicated before children's deaths in Duxbury 02:20

DUXBURY - Lindsay Clancy, the Duxbury mother accused of killing her three children, will be arraigned next Tuesday, February 7.

The Plymouth County District Attorney's office said Friday she will appear via Zoom from her hospital bed.

Clancy, 32, will be charged with the murders of her 5-year-old daughter, 3-year-old son, and 8-month-old son. All three were allegedly strangled on January 24.

Defense attorney Kevin Reddington claims in the months before the tragedy she was overmedicated, prescribed as many as 12 different medications for postpartum psychosis, and can't be held criminally responsible. "This family was on the road to hell and unfortunately is not coming back," he said. 

"Her husband actually went to the doctor the week before to ask for help and said you're turning her into a zombie. It was just a brutal, brutal existence that they were living. Her parents were aware of this, they were trying to help out the husband as well," he added. 

Reddington went before a judge on Friday and said it is Clancy's constitutional right to have a forensic psychologist visit her hospital room, something that's not allowed under Massachusetts State Police policy for a detainee for security reasons. Reddington disputes that in this case and said she's had no contact with anyone but her attorneys.

"This detainee is in the ICU, cannot move out of bed, is surrounded by medical equipment and nurses in and out constantly. There's no need to fear she's a danger." 

But according to prosecutor Jennifer Sprague, "It's not someone who doesn't have the ability to move, she does."

Reddington revealed that Lindsay Clancy was with her children by herself for twenty minutes that January night, while her husband got prescriptions at a CVS and takeout food. Her husband was never told she shouldn't be left alone, Reddington said, 

Mother and children both deserve justice, Clancy's defense attorney said. "I like to think in this case it's justice for Lindsay as well. I don't think anyone needs to be lectured about the horrific loss of three beautiful babies."

The judge ruled to allow the visit as long as a sheriff's deputy is nearby but out of earshot, and she'll also be allowed to call her parents.

Reddington expects the doctor to visit her in the next 24 hours.

He toured the Clancys' home as part of his research. He described the scene as "haunting."

"It was a beautiful little house in Duxbury, you could tell it was a loving family that lived there. You could tell that the children the focus of their life, there were toys all over the place, every room, living room, basement, the little bedrooms, all with wall hangings and artwork and photographs of the children, photographs of Lindsay pregnant...Their whole life and focus obviously was their children."  

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