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Boston Woman Toppling Competition With Elaborate Domino Creations

BOSTON (CBS) – A 22-year-old artist from Boston has an unbelievable skill with dominos and she's using It to topple the competition..

Lily Hevesh has turned her passion into a huge following on YouTube and even her own toy line. Hevesh has built her young career one domino at a time.

"It's amazing to watch people just light up when they see it. there's something about it that's so satisfying and just brightens your day," said Hevesh.

Tiffany Hevesh Dominos
One of Lily Hevesh's creations. (Image Credit: Lily Hevesh)

Now living in Boston, Hevesh originally grew up in New Hampshire and says she got into dominos at a young age.

"I was nine years old, my grandparents had a set of 28 with the dots and I just loved to set them up and knock them down for fun," she said.

Then she looked on YouTube.

"I found hundreds of videos of elaborate domino projects ever," said Hevesh.

As a teenager, she posted her own set ups and cascading creations and not long after people began gravitating to her gratifying artistry.

"I never expected my channel to blow up. i was just posting dominos for fun and people loved to watch it," said Hevesh.

Lily Hevesh Dominos
Lily Hevesh. (WBZ-TV)

Now at 22, Hevesh has nearly 3 million subscribers, millions and millions of views and her own toy deal. Hevesh wants to teach other kids her toppling tricks and tips.

She says knocking them all down is all about the spacing.

"I actually have a domino template and you can put the dominos inside the template which spaces it exactly," she said. "These dominos are specifically made for setting up and knocking down."

Lily Hevesh made a WBZ-TV creation out of dominos. (WBZ-TV)

Hevesh's most elaborate project was 32,000 dominos and took three months to build. And with something that big she always needs to be careful. She said there have been times when someone walks by and accidentally knocks over her creation.

"It's definitely a big shock and surprise. And sometimes very sad. But I've learned to just pick up the dominos again and keep on building," she said.

As for the future, lily hopes to one day pull off a domino world record, toppling hundreds of thousands of dominos all at once.

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