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Lift Malfunction At Vermont Ski Mountain Strands 190 Skiers In The Air

DOVER V.T. (CBS) -- The first weekend of skiing at Mount Snow in Dover, Vermont was especially memorable for some. One of the ski lifts malfunctioned, stranding 190 skiers for as long as two hours before they were rescued.

Tarja McGrail and her 11-year-old daughter Caitlin were at the mountain for opening weekend when the malfunction occurred, having traveled from Sandwich. They had just gotten their first run in when they felt a large bump coming up the mountain on the ski lift.

McGrail told WBZ-TV it took a half hour before rescue crews got to them. "I've seen this happen on the news but it's never happened to me before," McGrail said. "When I saw them bring the harnesses I was like 'No, is this really happening?'"

11-year-old Caitlin McGrail being rescued at Mount Snow Saturday. (Photo Credit: James McGrail)

Caitlin said the rescue teams started sending up ropes and instructed them on how to get down. Caitlin had to be the first to get down off her chair.

"I was scared. I was a little bit crying because it was scary having to go down on the rope," she said. "But once I was going down it felt safe."

But Caitlin braved the trip down, and after around 45 minutes, McGrail said everyone was rescued.

The mother and daughter said they celebrated the rescue by going to lunch, and then did two more runs before packing it in for the day.

"Everyone at the mountain, they were all so friendly," McGrail said. "It never felt like I wasn't safe."

There were no injuries. Mount Snow said the lift has been inspected and will be running tomorrow.

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