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Biden And Trump Supporters Clash In Lexington Over Election Results

LEXINGTON (CBS) - "Four more years," they shouted. Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Lexington Friday, a spot they say they chose, because it's where the American Revolution started, and now they feel the democracy is in jeopardy.

It quickly turned into a heated battle of words when Joe Biden supporters showed up for a counter-protest. "Count every vote," they chanted. Lexington Police stepped in with barricades to keep the opposing groups separated.

Trump supporters
Supporters of President Trump gather on Lexington Green days after the election (WBZ-TV)

"I want my freedom, my liberty, and pursuit of happiness," said Lan Tran, who was there to support Trump. "This election is being stolen from the American people. This election is being stolen from Donald J. Trump, and we're not going to let them steal it," said Tom Mountain, Vice-chair of the Massachusetts GOP.

On the other side, Martha Valencia was dressed in a Ruth Bader Ginsburg robe and lace collar. "We need to keep counting the votes," she said. She was joined by a group of local teenagers. "We're all really anxious. It's a lot to be going on right now, especially with everything that's going on in the world," said high school student Cleo McBride.

Lexington protest
Counter-protesters at Trump rally on Lexington Green (WBZ-TV)

This clash near the Lexington Green happened as Joe Biden inches toward a lead, and President Trump organizes a slew of lawsuits. "I think we should have re-do, a whole new re-do, and without these mail-in ballots, and everybody watching," said Renee Hensley.

"His options are quite narrow," said Boston College Law Professor Kent Greenfield. "The Trump campaign can try to stretch this out, but that is not normal, and to fight by throwing up all these borderline frivolous lawsuits in all these states, that is just delaying the inevitable."

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