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Patriots-Packers, Quarter By Quarter

3rd Quarter

The Highs:

The Pats defense comes up with the big play again.  Packers got the ball to start the quarter and Kyle Arrington got an interception and ran it back 36 yards for a score.  Big play defense strikes again.

The Lows:

Packers score and jus another long drive.  13 plays and close to 7 minutes of possession time.  The Pats can not stop the run and the defense is on the field way to long.  John Kuhn with the touchdown play. A 6 yard catch and he should have been tackled by Arrington before he got going.

Pats got the ball back after the Packers score and they went 3 and out.  Brady got sacked. Offense way out of sync and defense on the field for way too long.

Quarter is over and the Pack are almost ready to score.  Patriots offense only had the ball 1 time this quarter.

24 to 21 Packers after 3.

Second Quarter

The Highs:

The Pats defense get a 3 and out on the Packers second possession.  Ninkovich with a sack to hilight the sequence.

On the punt return and the Packers kick it up. Dan Connolly, the Patriots offensive line picks it up and runs 71 yards to the 4 yard line.  The Pats score from there, Brady to Aaron Hernandez.

The Lows:

First play of the 3rd quarter and the Packers score.  Matt Flynn to James Jones on a 66 yard touchdown play.  McCourty got beat and Brandon Meriweather took out McCourty on the chase.  Sloppy play by the Pats so far this game.

Pats get the ball and on their first possession of the quarter, they are a mess.  Brady got sacked and they go 3 and out.

Packers just scored on a drive that seemed like it went on forever.  14 plays and over 6 minutes.  The Patriots had a couple of penalties that kept the drive going.  Just sloppy football so far by New England.

17 to 14 Packers at the Half.


First Quarter

The Highs:

The Pats defense kept the Packers out of the endzone.  Long drive and over 6 minutes and only 3 points.

The Patriots first possession and they score.  Tom Brady hits Deion Branch on a long 3rd down play and then BenJarvus Green-Ellis with a 33 yard touchdown run.

Second Packers possession and the defense forces them into a 3 and out.

The Lows:

Right off the back the Patriots make a mistake. Greenbay does an onside kick to start the game and they get it back.  Not the start the Pats wanted.  Matt Flynn was able to lead the Pack on a 11 play drive.

Tom Brady not partically sharp. Almost picked off twice by Charles Woodson on the opening drive and he was sack by BJ Raji.

The Pats have some confusion on the punt return.  Julian Edelman called for a fair catch but doesn't get to the ball.  Luckily Darius Butler covered the ball.

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