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Hasbro Sends Police Thank You Package After Play-Doh Used To Find Suspect

LEICESTER (CBS) – After using Play-Doh to help identify a shoplifting suspect, Leicester Police received a thank you for the good publicity.

Earlier this month the department was able to lift a fingerprint from the Play-Doh a suspect used to cover up a surveillance camera.

Play Dog fingerprint
A shoplifting suspect was identified by a fingerprint left in Play-Dog (Image from Leicester Police)

On Wednesday, Leicester Police shared a photo on Facebook of a package sent by Rhode Island-based Hasbro, which makes Play-Doh.

In addition to several boxes of Play-Doh, the package included a "nice note recognizing the work that LPD officers put into the Play-Doh fingerprint case.

Police received the gift of Play-Doh from Rhode Island-based Hasbro. (Image Credit: Leicester Police)

Leicester Police said the Play-Doh will be used to put smiles on the faces of children in the community.

"Very nice gesture by Hasbro!! Greatly appreciated!!" Leicester Police said.


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