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Lawsuit Says Aaron Hernandez Was Trigger Man In 2012 Boston Double Murder

QUINCY (CBS) – Wrongful death lawsuits filed by the families of two men killed in a South End shooting in 2012 accuse former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez of pulling the trigger.

Through their attorney William Kennedy, the fathers of the two victims, 28-year-old Daniel Abreu and 27-year-old Saffiro Furtardo said in their first public statements that there is "an abundance of evidence" implicating Hernandez, including witnesses who identify Hernandez as the trigger man.

"We were advised that there is evidence of eyewitnesses to the shooting – more than one that we're aware of – who can identify Aaron Hernandez as the shooter," Kennedy said on Thursday during a news conference at his Quincy office. "For whatever reason, Aaron Hernandez took it upon himself to gun them down."

Ernesto Abreu and Salvador Furtado have each filed six million dollar civil lawsuits claiming Hernandez "willfully, recklessly and/or maliciously shot a firearm from inside of his motor vehicle."

"Two fathers want more than anything some justice and accountability," said Kennedy.

Abreu broke down as he spoke of his son Danny who he describes as a hardworking young man who was supporting family back home in Cape Verde. He was a police officer in his native country, and had hoped to become one here.

Salavador Furtado said his son spoke three languages and had been in Boston only three months when he was murdered.

"We want to let people know that his death is killing us inside," he said through an interpreter.

Hernandez has not been charged in the still unsolved case, though police have seized a vehicle they say Hernandez rented and believe the fatal shots were fired from it.

These are the third and fourth lawsuits piling up against Hernandez who is now in jail charged with the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd in June 2013. Lloyd's family has filed a lawsuit, and another Hernandez associated Alexander Bradley is suing as well claiming Hernandez shot him in the face.

The fathers of Abreu and Furtado say they can't explain a motive, while their attorney says there was an exchange of words.
Kennedy acknowledged that even if their suits are successful, it's unclear if they will be able to collect money from Hernandez if. But he insists the two dads want more than just dollars.

"They want more than anything for the deaths of their sons to matter," said Kennedy.

WBZ-TV legal expert Harry Manion thinks that as the lawsuits add up, Hernandez will end up filing for bankruptcy in the coming months, which will impact his defense in the Odin Lloyd murder trial.

"This lawsuit along with the Lloyd wrongful death lawsuit really has tremendous impact on his criminal defense," Manion said.


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