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Lawrence Shuts Down Illegal Daycare With 25 Children In Apartment

LAWRENCE (CBS) - The City of Lawrence says it shut down an illegal daycare on the top floor of a triple decker on Bromfield Street.

A Lawrence police report shows officers were called to the home on August 12 for a complaint from a father about too many kids and a foul smell. The report said 25 children were found in the apartment.

The report said the woman inside told police she was not running a daycare, but was watching a few kids for parents running errands and working.

Lawrence daycare
Police said an illegal daycare was shut down on the top floor this Bromfield Street building (Image credit Mike LaCrosse/WBZ)

The officer also noted in the report that the apartment was set up in a way that disregarded Covid-19 regulations.

"This is not people who are Zooming from home and they want their kids at daycare so they can be at home by themselves," said Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera.

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera said Covid19 is putting working parents in a difficult situation when it comes to childcare.

"We're definitely going to shut the place down, but let's educate the parents, educate the workplace the businesses that have these people as workers say hey listen if you need people to come to your work you should help them figure out the issue around childcare," said Rivera.

Police are not releasing the name of the woman accused running the illegal daycare and no one answered the door when WBZ knocked to get a comment.

The Department of Children and Families is also involved in the investigation.

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