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After Explosions, Lawrence Families Hopeful Gas Will Be Restored Soon

LAWRENCE (CBS) - Just hours after a November completion date was announced, Columbia Gas crews went door to door, starting to get it done one home at a time.

For Lawrence families, it hasn't been the easy to return home.

"Coming back it was kind of scary because the house blew up just across," Joanirelys Rrodriguez said.

Rodriguez, who is in 8th grade helps her 7-year-old sister get ready for school. She says she keeps reassuring her that this won't be for too long and things will go back to normal.

With no gas though, these day-to-day routines have been a little different. "It's been a little challenging yes for instance we have to fill the tub with cold water and we boil hot water to make sure it's doable for the kids," Jazmin Molina said.

"It wakes me up when I get in, I'm ready for a warm shower then it hits my back and I'm like oh no," Gabriela Molina added.

Eight days after over pressurized mains caused dozens of fires and explosions that took the life of a teenager, the governor announced a plan and an end date.

Crews will install 48 miles of new pipeline bringing service back to 8,600 homes and buildings.

That date, November 19th but these neighbors, are taking care of one another in the meantime, going from house to house to see what the needs are.

"I'm the president of our neighborhood association so I have developed a sheet so we are going to go door to door to people seeing where the needs are. A lot of people mostly it's a lot of 'I don't have a hot shower,' so I've been directing them to the Y," Susan Laplante said.

One thing is keeping these families positive: Hope.

"Hope is what keeps us going maybe tomorrow they will turn it on you see people getting it little by little getting their gas back on," Molina said.

Tonight, that hope came through in the best way for some.

"We have gas now!" Molina said to her daughter. "Nothing but warm showers for you!"

Starting Saturday hot plates will be distributed in the neighborhoods affected. Monday, about 24,000 space heaters will arrive and will be installed in homes.

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