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Larry Bird fights a losing battle against a wild bird in new Allstate "Mayhem" commercial

BOSTON -- Larry Bird is once again showing off his acting chops, appearing in a new Allstate commercials where he goes to battle with a bird causing some mayhem in his attic.

Bird's commercial appeared during this year's Oscars broadcast on Sunday night, and while the 67-year-old won't be bringing home any gold statues for his performance, it was an entertaining spot that should get a chuckle out of Celtics and basketball fans alike.

During his Allstate "Mayhem" commercial, Bird is disturbed by a bird causing a ruckus in his home. That bird is never seen, obviously, instead played by Mr. Mayhem himself, Dean Winters. But whatever that bird was up to, it got one of the greatest players in NBA history out of his seat and into his attic to deal with the issue.

A basketball isn't the best way to tend to a bird problem, so Bird grabs the next best thing: A lacrosse stick.

Mayhem Bird :30 by Allstate on YouTube

The battle doesn't go well for Bird, who ends up bumping his head (Larry Legend has still got his ups) and falling through his floorboards. He had a much better time going to battle with Atlanta Hawks during his Hall of Fame career than he did against this mayhem-causing bird. 

Bird is no stranger to the small screen, staring in numerous commercials throughout his career. Nothing will ever beat "The Showdown," when Bird and Michael Jordan engaged in an epic shooting contest for a Big Mac, but his Bird's Allstate "Mayhem" commercial is a pretty entertaining entry into his commercial catalog. 

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