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Lack Of Bus Drivers Pushes Back School Start Times In Northwood

NORTHWOOD, N.H. (CBS) -- The first day of school is always a bit hectic, but for students in one New Hampshire town, simply getting to school will be challenging.

The Northwood school district is actively looking for bus drivers. They had a three-year contract with Northwood Transportation, but the company went out of business.

Superintendent Robert Gadomski said, "Unless we have certified bus drivers walk through the doors today, this will be a long term issue."

The cancellations prompted some changes to the school day. The Northwood elementary and middle schools will push back their start time by one hour to 10:00 a.m. so buses from nearby towns can shuttle kids to class. Parents are upset their children will be coming home later.

"I want them to be able to get to school and not get home until 5:00 at night. That's dinner time. I want them to get home and get their homework done," said Renee Quaglia, a concerned parent.

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy (WBZ-TV)

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy students will not have bus service at all. Parents are mostly concerned about teenagers walking on busy Route 4 and through isolated rural roads to get to and from school.

"It's a little inconvenient because I have to make sure that I'm available. I know a lot of parents are adjusting their schedules," said Denise Lussier.

New Hampshire state law does not require districts to provide transportation for high school students.

Superintendent Gadomski says he hopes to have at least four bus drivers trained and certified by late October.

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