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Kyrie Irving Makes Flat Earth Joke, Gets Help From Rob Gronkowski In New Nike Commercial

BOSTON (CBS) -- Kyrie Irving directed the new commercial for his latest Nike sneakers, and it has just about everything you'd expect in a commercial directed by Kyrie Irving.

The ad for Nike's new Kyrie 4 sneakers is essentially a Wikipedia page for everything Irving, including some philosophy, a flat earth reference and even a mention of his plant-based diet.

The commercial starts with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski reciting "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, only to have Irving cut him off because he's "not feeling this." We should have known from the get-go that things would get a little wacky with this role reversal, given it's usually Irving who spins ancient philosophy while Gronk's go-to is usually "super awesome" followed by 45 seconds of giggles.

Irving walks through a set that looks like some trippy fun house and proclaims, "This is my world." He does so while spinning a flat silver earth, because the commercial wouldn't feel right without a flat earth joke.

The new ad also includes an appearance by Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum (a man of few words) enjoying some popcorn, a miniature basketball player (Jah Swish) doing a good Kyrie impression, and Irving himself showing off his moves to a soundtrack provided by the Boston Philharmonic. It's the wild ride you would expect from the unique mind of Kyrie Irving.

There's also an extended look of Irving and Swish doing their thing with the Boston Philharmonic:

Now go buy some sneakers.

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