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Man Charged With Harassing Wayland School Principal

WAYLAND (CBS) -- A Dracut man is out on bail after being charged with criminally harassing a Wayland elementary school principal.

It was the most public form of harassment, say police, as 49-year-old Kurt Sanborn allegedly put fliers on car windshields at Wayland Town Hall, undermining the reputation of the educator.  He's accused of stalking the woman who police say broke up with him after a brief relationship.

According to the Wayland Police report, the degrading fliers said the educator is a "woman who consumes large amounts of alcohol, (is promiscuous), and that she is a detriment to the students, taxpayers and community of Wayland."

wayland kurt sanborn
Kurt Sanborn is accused of stalking and harassing a Wayland school official. (WBZ-TV)

"I think she went through a very hard time dealing with it.  It's unfair and it's wrong," said an acquaintance of the principal who did not want to be identified.

The fliers were also found on cars at Wayland High School and were mailed to administrators at several local schools.

"They were certainly calculated and targeted to embarrass and harass her," said Detective Sergeant Jamie Berger.

wayland town hall
Police say some fliers were placed at Wayland Town Hall. (WBZ-TV)

The same day the fliers were discovered, police say cellphone records show Sanborn texting the woman 81 times and track his whereabouts as he allegedly followed her to two different locations.

At the time of his arrest Sanborn was on federal probation for bank fraud.

"That's horrible, it's a terrible way to try to get back at somebody," said another Wayland resident.

Sanborn was arrested at Federal Court in Boston when he arrived for a meeting with his probation officer.

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