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Krystle Campbell's Parents Visit Peace Garden For First Time

MEDFORD (CBS) - Less than a year after shovels turned the dirt at the groundbreaking in Medford, the Krystle Campbell Peace Garden is about to open in Medford Square.

The garden, named for the Medford High School graduate who died in the 2013 marathon bombings, is a tribute to the four people killed in the attacks and the survivors.

WBZ's Lisa Hughes visited the garden, a few days before the public dedication, with Krystle's parents, Bill and Patty Campbell.

"I love the way they incorporated all the sunflowers!" Bill Campbell exclaimed. Sunflowers were Krystle's favorite flower. The blooms punctuate the park and add bursts of color.

Krystle Campbell
Krystle Campbell. (Credit: Facebook)

There are mature shade trees, young plantings and—at the center—a stunning fountain.

The five streams in the fountain represent Krystle, Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu and Sean Collier.

Plaques with their names highlight the points on a compass; surrounded by words that describe their qualities: COURAGE. STRENGTH. DIGNITY. LEADERSHIP. HONOR.

From the markers that list the milestones of the Boston Marathon and lead visitors into the park to the memorial circle symbolizing unity around the fountain, there is meaning in every detail.

Patty and Bill Campbell were thoroughly impressed. "It tells a story in itself. It just basically covers everything," Patty said, looking out over the lush grass. "The people who worked on it did a fantastic job."

The Campbells believe, strongly, that including the word "peace" in the garden is critical because it makes people think about the fundamental need we all have and the reason so many people move to the United States. "They want their families to live in peace."

Peace Garden
Marker at Krystle Campbell Peace Garden in Medford (WBZ-TV)

This is a park with a purpose—a place to relax and reflect.

Bill Campbell says his daughter's spirit is reflected everywhere. "She was a beautiful lady," he said. "Just a beautiful lady. She would come to a place like this."

Former Medford Mayor Mike McGlynn spearheaded the effort to create the park. He had a vision for the space and drove the fundraising effort.

On her first visit to the park, Patty Campbell marveled at how McGlynn's vision had transformed the space into something inviting and beautiful. A perfect tribute to their daughter.

The formal dedication of the Krystle Campbell Peace Garden is Sunday, September 25th at 2pm near the Medford Senior Center.

The public is welcome.

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