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It Happens Here: Kray Plates popular takeout no longer a secret in Hyde Park

It Happens Here: Kray Plates popular takeout no longer a secret in Hyde Park
It Happens Here: Kray Plates popular takeout no longer a secret in Hyde Park 02:55

BOSTON - If you don't look closely, you might not even see it. There's a tiny takeout spot in Hyde Park that features Haitian and Jamaican food and has a cult following.

Kray Plates is a takeout spot run out of another restaurant, Gourmet Fish. It is an underground, virtual movement of people who love Krayla Brice's cooking.

"Food is just like a big part of my family," she told WBZ-TV. "My mom is Haitian and then my dad is Jamaican."

Krayla pairs that background to make Haitian-Jamaican-inspired dishes with Haitian Epis, garlic, herbs, parsley, scallion and seasonings.

"You blend it up and make a paste," she said.

There's jerk seasoning and her specialty, Haitian spaghetti. She's called the Queen of Haitian Spaghetti.

"If I mess up and I'm arguing with you and I want to make up with you, friend-wise, sister-wise, brother-wise, whatever-wise, I'm going to make you some Haitian spaghetti. And I'm going to watch you eat it to be like, 'We're good,' she said.

And there's kielbasa, shrimp and lobster tail, all served up with epis, spicy seasoning and red peppers.

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She's definitely on to something, her food has become a cult hit. The rapper Bia and Mayor Michelle Wu have dropped in and Celtics star Robert Williams is a frequent customer.

"He loves the pork chops," Brice told WBZ. "He came back and he was like, 'Yo, can I get some pork chops?' And literally I was like, 'God, please let these be the best pork chops ever that makes him win and just heal and just be happy.' And I think they won that game before he ate those pork chops."

"Thanks to KrayPlates!" she said.

"Kray is just like, the plate is just so Kray! When we give it to you, it's a lot of food. I always want people to have enough food to share with somebody else," she told WBZ.

Krayla is hoping to eventually open her own restaurant for Kray Plates so it doesn't have to be so underground.

For more information, visit her website.

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