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The pollen everywhere isn't unusual, but experts say the season is lasting longer

If it feels like pollen is worse this year in Massachusetts, it is. Here's why.
If it feels like pollen is worse this year in Massachusetts, it is. Here's why. 02:27

BOSTON - The yellow green dust is all over Massachusetts this week, but is the pollen that you can see actually making your allergies worse?

What is the yellow green dust?

WBZ-TV Executive Weather Producer Terry Eliasen says one of the culprits is pesky pine trees, dumping a lot of visible pollen on cars, window sills and everything nearby.

"This is pine pollen, and basically late May through early June is the peak pine pollen season, so this is nothing unusual," Eliasen said.

Pine pollen granuals are very large, so they may not cause as many allergic reactions because they are difficult to get into the nasal cavity. But, Dr. Camellia Hernandez, the clinical director for the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, says pine is not the only pollen causing problems right now.

"It's really birch tree pollen, maple and oak trees that are primarily out there," Hernandez told WBZ. She said grass allergies are an issue right now, too.

Warmer weather extends pollen season

The season may feel worse than usual, but Hernandez says that's because it has actually lasted longer due to warmer temperatures.

"What you're really seeing is still a lot of tree pollen and the grass pollen at very high levels, and even the weed pollen is at moderate levels," Hernandez said.

Allergy sufferers know the frustrating symptoms - runny nose, sneezing, congestion and itchy watery eyes. There are a lot of treatments for allergies, including medications and at home solutions. Eliasen says some relief is in sight with rain showers expected to arrive on Thursday.  

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