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Families Scramble As Boston Area Nursing Homes Close

NEEDHAM (CBS) - Six nursing homes and an assisted living facility in Massachusetts plan to close within the next few months.

"They don't give a good explanation, just notification that it's closing," said Karen Steinberg who received a letter from Kindred Healthcare just this week. Her mother 94-year-old Ethel Breitboard is a resident at Kindred's assisted living facility in Needham.

"Now to move them some place new, with totally unfamiliar surroundings and people. There's nothing positive about it," said Steinberg.

She's not alone as Kindred, along with Genesis Healthcare, are planning the closings that will eliminate 679 beds. Marc Chessler wishes he had more notice for his 77-year-old mother Christian who's also been at the Needham facility for four years. "I understand it's a business decision, but this is where people live. She has a very supportive community there after my father passed away," said Chessler.

According to the state, there's a growing trend toward aging at home. Statewide only 85 percent of nursing home beds are filled.

But Eric Goldstein hasn't found so many available beds so far in the search for his 84-year-old father Saul. "The facilities we visited this week had two available rooms in this place, one available room in this place. I don't know where all these people are going to go," said Goldstein.

In a statement Kindred Healthcare said, "This has not been an easy decision for any of the parties or individuals involved. We have served the community for many years and it's been an honor and a privilege."

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