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Kendrick Perkins Rips Kyrie Irving: 'Every Time I Think Of That Guy, I Want To Throw Up'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Kendrick Perkins was traded away from Boston in the middle of his career. But it's clear that the man still bleeds Celtics green.

Sitting in as a guest analyst on NBC Sports Boston during Tuesday's Celtics-Rockets game, Perkins shared quite a bit about himself while working alongside play-by-play man Mike Gorman and analyst Brian Scalabrine. He also made it very, very clear that he does not care for Kyrie Irving.

Late in the first half, Perkins expressed some unprompted disgust with Irving, after hearing fans in Houston chant for the Celtics.

"It's amazing how many Celtics fans there are in the world. Do you hear these chants right now? 'Let's go Celtics,'" Perkins said. "And Kyrie Irving didn't want to play for this franchise. Every time I think of that guy, I want to throw up."

Perkins, 35, was a teammate of Irving in Cleveland for a year, expressed a similar sentiment last June, during an interview with Kristine Leahy.

"I really don't care. I really don't care who Kyrie signs with," Perkins said then. "Not at all [a fan]. He really disappointed me with the way he represented the Celtics this year, so I'd rather not even speak on it. I don't care who he signs with."

Irving, of course, bounced from the Celtics after two seasons, opting to team up with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. Both the Celtics and Irving appear to be in happier places this season, but it's clear that Perkins will be holding a grudge deep down in his belly for years to come.


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