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Keller @ Large: Why Can't Everybody Shovel Their Sidewalk?

BOSTON (CBS) - I took Buddy the Wonder Lab on a long walk yesterday morning to get both of us ready for the big game, and I noticed something that appalled me, even if it didn't shock me.

Listen to Jon's commentary:


I guess some parts of southeastern Mass. got as much as a foot out of Saturday's snowstorm, but where I live it was a light, fluffy few inches, an easy job for a decent shovel or even a really good broom.

It was all over by late Saturday afternoon, and there really was no reason why anyone physically able to do so couldn't have cleared their sidewalk by the time Buddy and I came by mid-morning on Sunday.

Still, I'd say about 30 percent of the sidewalks I saw in front of clearly occupied private homes showed no sign of having been touched.

Thirty percent!

How can this be?

I'll give some people the benefit of the doubt.

For the disabled, or frail seniors, even a few fluffy inches can be a difficult chore.

But you wonder – where are their neighbors?

If you knew you lived next door to someone who couldn't shovel themselves, wouldn't you make an effort to do it for them?

And for everyone else who didn't bother to clear the walk within 18 hours or so from the end of the storm, all I can say is – shame on you.

Did you see the forecast of 50 degrees today and tomorrow and think 'oh, well, I'll let Mother Nature take care of it'?

Or was the couch so warm and cozy you just decided, aw, the heck with it, let others fend for themselves?

You know, other people – like the parent or grandparent trying to push their baby in a stroller who has to go into the street because you couldn't be bothered.

Or the elderly neighbor fearing a slip and fall who may wind up stuck inside because of your indifference.

I guess they don't matter very much to you, Mr. or Ms. I Can't Be Bothered to Clear My Sidewalk.

Amazingly enough in a region that features snowy winters, we talk about this negligence every year, and little seems to change.

Nice work, 30 percenters – be advised that the rest of us notice, and are disgusted.

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