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Keller @ Large: Bulger Arrest Raises New Questions

BOSTON (CBS) - For years, it was "Where's Whitey?"

Now, his arrest raises a host of fresh questions about the case.

Here are just a few of them:

Question #1

It only took us ten years to find Osama Bin Laden hiding in a foreign country.

Why did it take 16 years to find Whitey in Santa Monica?

"The endless water cooler question around this town since the day Whitey took off is - does the FBI really want him or do they want to protect him?" asked Dick Lehr, the co-author of Black Mass.

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A possible answer:

While an older generation of FBI agents might have had more to fear from Bulger's capture, a newer breed saw failure to catch him as a huge embarrassment.

There's always been this big cloud over the Boston office, and perhaps with his capture that cloud starts to move away.

Question #2

Was the recent PSA campaign really all it took to track down our most elusive fugitive?

Veteran Boston attorney Harvey Silverglate is skeptical, writing in the Boston Phoenix Thursday that the PSA was a ruse to protect a sensitive informant, "perhaps a friend or family member of one of the two fugitives."

A final lingering question is about whitey in captivity:

Does he have dirt to give?

I'm sure he does, but will he say any of it?

Other unanswered questions:

Did Bulger and his lady friend have any help with their flight from justice?

Just how do you pay cash for everything in this era of the debit card without arousing suspicion?

Hopefully, we're about to start getting some answers.

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