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Keller @ Large: Time To Pay Attention To The Senate Race

BOSTON (CBS) - There is just one day to go until voters choose party nominees for the U.S. Senate election in June, and a significant amount of media discussion of the primaries down the stretch has been devoted to analysis of why so few people seem to be paying attention.
This is unfortunate on several levels.

This campaign has struggled to capture public attention, no doubt, but you wonder when stories about what a supposed dud the race is become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

Keller at Large April 29 2013

There was misguided coverage of this type right from the start when Ed Markey was anointed a prohibitive frontrunner because of support from the DC establishment, and the Republican candidates were dismissed as the "B" team because has-beens like Bill Weld and Kerry Healey chose not to run.

But Stephen Lynch has given Markey all he can handle, and the GOP candidates who did emerge have run a lively race that offers genuine choices across the ideological spectrum.

Yes, this race hasn't generated headlines, but is that the fault of the candidates or the headline writers?

Just one week ago, the WBZ/Boston Globe debate between Lynch and Markey offered a provocative discussion of homeland security issues that couldn't be more timely, as did a Western Mass. debate the next night. The GOP debate earlier this month was also lively and informative.

Plenty of headline material there, for news organizations and consumers who cared.

I'll be talking more about the choices on your ballot tomorrow, but if you skip voting because you've absorbed the false notion that it doesn't matter and no one cares, better ask yourself – am I really that apathetic, or just acting that way because I'm supposed to?

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