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Keller @ Large: Joe Biden For President? Why Not?

BOSTON (CBS) - Let's face it, the presidential race is a dud so far, a tractor pull filled with uninspiring, flawed, and in some cases just downright reprehensible candidates, no names please (Donald Trump.)

But let's not be negative about it. Let's talk about what a good candidate might look like, and maybe, if we close our eyes and wish hard enough, he or she will materialize.

I'd like a candidate with working-class roots, just rugged enough so they empathize with the poor but upwardly-mobile enough so they believe in the American Dream.

My dream candidate would be the kind of high-school kid who does well in sports but knows what it's like to struggle academically, and has a social conscience that spurs him to take action.

In other words, somebody far from perfect but full of warmth and respect for others and a zest for life.

I'd like a candidate who has plenty of experience after entering politics at a young age, but someone who transcends petty partisanship.

A Democrat who was once a Republican or vice-versa might fit the bill. And an ability to work constructively with political opponents is absolutely essential.

I'd like someone who is a fully-realized adult, someone who understands joy and sorrow, pain and happiness, a family-oriented person who knows what devotion and loyalty mean.

Someone who has overcome terrible hardship can help lead others to do the same, and we could use someone like that right now.

My dream candidate doesn't need to be perfect, not at all.

I prefer someone who is self-deprecating and aware of their flaws over yet another smug know-it-all.

You know, come to think of it, there is someone who might consider running who fits this description.

But everyone laughs when you say Joe Biden for President, although for the life of me I don't know why.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

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