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Keller @ Large: Is This You?

BOSTON (CBS) - On my way into work Thursday morning, I counted the cars where no apparent effort had been made to clear huge piles of snow and ice off the roof, and I'd say it was about one in four.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

Keller at Large Feb 7 2014

OK, I thought, there have only been about five hours of daylight since the worst of the storm was over. Most of these people will get to work, realize they've been driving around with a hazard over their heads, and spend the 60 seconds needed to take care of it.

But on the way home, the situation had barely changed, about one in five cars I saw still had the snowdrift on their roof, probably softened up by the sun and ready to come crashing down.

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What are we to presume about the operators of these vehicles?

Are they stupid? Some of them were driving $75,000 luxury cars. But we all know that just having money doesn't necessarily mean you're thoughtful.

Right, Mr. Trump?

They are clearly oblivious to the constant warnings from police and others to take care of this basic safety hazard. Are they selfish creeps unconcerned about anyone but themselves?

Again, not necessarily.

While you risk the safety of others when you drive around with Tuckerman's Ravine on your roof, you especially risk your own life, should the stuff bury your windshield at the wrong moment.

I think the answer is, some people are just flat-out careless. They haven't quite absorbed the life lesson that actions have consequences, and in a functioning society, we all owe a little bit of attention to practical details.

Is this you?

If so, don't get mad. Get a scraper with a brush, and do your civic duty.

Yesterday, if not sooner.

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