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Keller @ Large: Give Us The Truth On Benghazi Attack

BOSTON (CBS) - A House committee is holding more hearings Wednesday on the fiasco in Benghazi, Libya last year, where four people, including the U.S. Ambassador, were killed and ten others hurt during a terrorist attack.

And for days leading up to the hearing, DC partisans have been doing what they do best, trying to put their partisan spin on this horrible story.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

Keller at Large May 8 2013

The Republicans claim you'll hear evidence that the Obama administration badly bungled our response to the attack and then tried to cover up their incompetence with a bunch of spin about what happened.

The Democrats have branded the whole thing a reprehensible GOP charade aimed only at damaging the president and Hillary Clinton politically.

Given what we know about the craven, self-serving behavior on both sides of the aisle down there, I'm sure there's plenty of truth in both lines of attack.

But I hope I speak for at least some of us when I say, whatever else they wind up doing, give us the truth about what happened. Because we're good and sick of being lied to about foreign affairs and the safety of the men and women who serve us.

I'm old enough to remember being lied to on a daily basis about the status of the Vietnam War, where we were always on the verge of victory, until it became clear we weren't.

Was Saddam Hussein an evil guy who once used chemical weapons? Yes, but we know we were given a bunch of spin when the case for the invasion of Iraq was made.

If the current administration made mistakes in Benghazi, it's not an impeachable offense. The fog of war is always hard to see through clearly.

But neither party should ever get a pass on giving us bogus spin about such serious stuff.

So drop the partisan posturing, all of you, and give us some desperately-needed truth.

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