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Keller @ Large: Berwick, Coakley, Grossman In WBZ-TV Discussion

BOSTON (CBS) - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman opened up a new line of attack against frontrunner Martha Coakley today during a debate at the WBZ-TV studios, saying he "couldn't believe" Coakley's statement that she'd be open to allowing a casino in Springfield even if voters repeal the casino law this November.

Both Grossman and Coakley advocate a "no" vote on Question 3, the ballot question that, if approved, would once again make casinos illegal in Massachusetts. Candidate Don Berwick is a staunch supporter of repeal, saying in today's debate that "Governor Patrick made a bad call when he decided to support the casinos in this state and I oppose them."

But it was Grossman who aggressively pushed back on Coakley's remarks, which were made earlier this week during a debate in Springfield.

"I really couldn't believe it, she said if the law's repealed [she is] open to the idea that [GOP gubernatorial candidate] Charlie Baker laid out, which is to actually go back to the legislature and see if we might be able to overturn the will of the people and maybe create a casino in Springfield," said Grossman. "The idea that a governor would support overturning the will of the people, undermining the democracy…if the people of this state vote to repeal the casinos, I will not support a law and will not sign it because that would be wrong."

Coakley's response: "What I actually said was let's see what happens in November, I'm fully prepared to see this robust debate on casinos, pros and cons. And if it is repealed I said look, the voters in Springfield actually voted to have it, and I would keep an open mind…. The voters in Springfield voted for it under the statute, that's also democracy."

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You can also watch a recent debate here between the two GOP candidates for governor, Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher.

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