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Keller @ Large: Speaker DeLeo On Harassment Investigation That Cleared Rep. McMurtry

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo said he is not contemplating retirement.

"No. I am not," he told WBZ-TV's Jon Keller." "I've had great support from the membership, not only in terms of their strong votes to keep me as speaker, but their visits to my office. Although they may not agree with me on every particular issue, I think like the way I lead the House. I feel they feel it's an inclusive process, it's a fair process. I think they also feel it's something the folks in other states and especially in Washington can learn a little bit in terms of how we get things done. And we are getting things done."

Keller At Large, Part 2

Keller also asked DeLeo about the recent investigation into allegations that Rep. Paul McMurtry inappropriately touched an incoming lawmaker at an orientation. A special committee cleared McMurtry of the accusations, which Peter Lucas of the Lowell Sun called an attempt to "anonymously frame and smear" McMurtry.

DeLeo said he doesn't know the intent of the allegations, but added that the state has an exhaustive process to investigate claims of mistreatment. Keller asked DeLeo if he personally feels under attack.

"I think there are certain representatives maybe unhappy with me. But having said that, the overwhelming support I have received from the body is very gratifying to me," said DeLeo. "So I feel very secure as far as my relationship with the house. It's like any position. Whether you're Nancy Pelosi in Washington or Bob DeLeo here in Massachusetts, there are always folks who feel like you could do something better or in a different fashion. And I'm OK with that."

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