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Karen Read denies killing Boston police officer John O'Keefe, says 'we know who did it'

Karen Read speaks out about Canton murder case for first time
Karen Read speaks out about Canton murder case for first time 02:50

DEDHAM – Karen Read, charged with killing her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O'Keefe, spoke out about the case for the first time Wednesday and alleged a coverup by state and local police.

Read and her attorneys were back in Dedham District Court for another hearing in the case before she surprised reporters and spoke outside afterwards. 

Prosecutors allege that Read hit O'Keefe with her vehicle and killed him during a snowstorm back in January 2022. O'Keefe's body was discovered in a pile of snow outside the Canton home of Brian Albert, a fellow officer who hosted a gathering there that night.

Defense attorneys have argued that O'Keefe was actually beaten inside the home and his body was later dumped outside. In previous hearings, they focused on wounds to O'Keefe's arms, which they said showed he was attacked by Albert's dog during the fight.

"We know who did it. We know. And we know who spearheaded this coverup. You all know," Read said on the courthouse steps Wednesday. "I tried to save his life. I tried to save his life at 6 in the morning, I was covered in his blood. I was the only one trying to save his life."

Karen Read in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham on May 24, 2023. CBS Boston

"And no, she didn't do it. This is an innocent woman," Read's attorney Alan Jackson added.

During the hearing Wednesday, the judge heard arguments on whether Jennifer McCabe and Albert should be ordered to appear in court Thursday. McCabe is Albert's sister-in-law who also attended the party the night O'Keefe died.

The judge later agreed to quash subpoenas for both and denied access to their phones.

Attorneys for McCabe and Albert argued that both are not involved in O'Keefe's death and should not be forced to turn over cell phone records.

Jackson told the judge that no one has questioned McCabe on why she searched "Ho[w] long to die in cold" around the time O'Keefe died.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Jackson alleged that there has been a coverup that involves state and local police. He claims Albert and McCabe are among those involved.

Boston Police Officer John O'Keefe. (Photo credit: Boston Police)

"Certainly the Massachusetts State Police is involved. There are people that were in that house that are involved," Jackson said. "Brian Albert is involved. Jennifer McCabe is involved. The rest of the folks that were in that house, there's some level of involvement by every one of them. Every single one of them. We're not going to rest until we get to the bottom of exactly who's behind this cover up. Not only Karen Read deserves this. John O'Keefe deserves this, and has deserved this from moment one. And that's why they're not going to rest."

Read's comments outside court on Wednesday were her first public remarks since she was charged.

"It feels we're the only ones fighting for the truth of what happened to John O'Keefe," Read told reporters. "And me and my family and my attorneys and my team have marshalled every resources to get to the truth. It just feels like no one else wants it."

The next pretrial hearing is scheduled for July 27.

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