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Julian Edelman Made A $100,000 Bet On A Patriots-Buccaneers Super Bowl

BOSTON (CBS) -- Julian Edelman has quite the battle going on in his heart. He'll always be a Patriot, but he's also got an undying love for Tom Brady.

So it makes sense that when he was given $100,000 as part of a marketing deal with Wynnbet, Edelman put it all on something that his heart would very much like to see: A Patriots-Buccaneers Super Bowl. He put down $50k on each to make Super Bowl LVI, with one team obviously carrying better odds than the other.

Edelman has been telling anyone and everyone about his wager, since Wynnbet would probably like him to do that as much as possible. (They did, after all, give him $100,000.) On Wednesday, the former Patriots receiver and favorite target of Brady broke the news to his parents, an exchange that he shared on his Instagram account.

While Edelman is a pretty funny guy himself, the reaction of his parents to his $100,000 wager was even funnier.

"You put 100 grand down on that?" his father questioned. "That was dumb."
Mama Edelman didn't seem too upset, only expressing her hope that Edelman would share his earnings with her should the bets hit. He revealed Tuesday that his wager would pay out $545,000 if the Patriots and the Buccaneers do indeed meet in Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13.

It's not sitting as well with Edelman's father, who didn't feel like having a lengthy chat with his son about the bet.

"I'm not mad. I disagree," he said. "Bye."

Edelman seemed to find some solace in the fact that his dad wasn't "mad," so at least he's got that going for him. As for the odds of that Patriots-Buccaneers Super Bowl coming to fruition, Edelman has a much greater chance on hitting on his Buccaneers side of the bet than his Patriots side of the wager. He got the Bucs at +340, so his $50,000 bet would make him $170,000 if it hits. The six-seeded Patriots, who are 4.5-point underdogs this weekend for their trip to Buffalo in the Wild Card round, are at plus-750 to make the Super Bowl.

That payout would obviously be much bigger, potentially netting Edelman $375,000. But New England has a lot of work to do if they want to make it that far, with the road to the Super Bowl starting Saturday night in Buffalo. It would very likely require the Patriots to win three road games to make it to the big game in Los Angeles next month, unless some really wild stuff happens in the AFC.

But if the Patriots do play the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl, Edelman will have a pretty full heart -- and wallet -- thanks to the matchup. Then we'll really see whether his heart is still in New England or in Tampa with Brady.

Edelman will likely find a way to bet on both sides, and still come out on top.

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