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Julian Edelman Plays Mean April Fools' Day Prank On Patriots Fans, Says He's Joining Tom Brady's Buccaneers

BOSTON (CBS) -- A couple of weeks ago, Julian Edelman teased Patriots fans a little bit. On April Fools' Day, the man went all in.

Edelman shot out a graphic on Friday, which happens to be the first of April, which happens to be the day for sanctioned goofs and gags. In that graphic, it is announced that he is joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Not cool, Jules.

Not cool at all.

Edelman's recent teasing came while retweeting one of Tom Brady's fancy social media videos, with Edelman asking his fans how his knee looks. Of course, that video was shot long ago, and wasn't actually indicative of Edelman catching passes from Brady in the current day.

Friday's post was obviously  joke, but he drove it home by including the "april fools" text at the bottom. Edelman's developed the catchphrase "Foxboro Forever" since retiring last year. And he retired due to a knee injury, one that limited him to just six games in 2020. As he approaches his 36th birthday, a miracle fix of that knee sadly remains unlikely.

In that sense, it makes Friday's fooling a bit easier for New England fans to stomach, as fans knew immediately that it was a joke. Still. Not cool.

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