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Julian Edelman Has Fun With Photo Of Bill Belichick Doing Squats

BOSTON (CBS) -- With the Patriots on the road this week for joint practices and a preseason game against the Eagles, everyone in the organization is adjusting to life without all of the comforts of home. From eating, to sleeping, to getting in some critical workouts, everything is a bit different for the Patriots this week -- and that of course includes Bill Belichick.

So, rather than working out in the privacy of Gillette Stadium, Belichick hit the gym on Monday in apparent view of someone armed with a camera phone. The end result was a picture of a steely-focused Belichick squatting 95 pounds.

While Belichick was simply building lower body and core strength, the internet couldn't help but remark upon what it was seeing.

The photo ended up coming across the feed of one Mr. Julian Edelman, the former Patriots receiver who's something of a workout aficionado himself. Edelman couldn't help but crack wise upon seeing his old coach on the squat rack, writing on Instagram: "Look at that form... coach knows the legs feed the wolf."

Bill Belichick on Julian Edelman's Instagram
Julian Edelman's Instagram post about Bill Belichick (Photo from Instagram/@Edelman11)

If the legs do indeed feed the wolf, then the Eagles -- and the Patriots, for that matter -- are in for a long and difficult day of practice on Tuesday.

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