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Julian Edelman Reveals 'Beef' With Tom Brady, Picks Against Buccaneers As Repeat Super Bowl Champions

BOSTON (CBS) -- Is there trouble in paradise for Foxboro's former favorite duo?

Probably not. But for perhaps the first time in history, Julian Edelman has displayed a lack of trust in Tom Brady.

Edelman was asked on this week's "Inside The NFL" on Paramount+ if the Buccaneers will repeat as Super Bowl champions. Edelman at first evaded the question, stating that the Bucs "definitely have a shot to repeat." When pressed by host Amanda Guerra to answer the actual question, Edelman had to make the painful choice to bet against his bubs.

"Nah, I don't think they're gonna repeat this year," Edelman said. "I mean, I think the team is getting depleted right now."

Edelman pointed out that the loss of Chris Godwin for the year was a huge one. That prompted co-host Brandon Marshall to ask once again if Edelman has received any phone calls from Brady about joining the Bucs. It was then that Edelman suggested that things aren't all rosy between him and Brady at the moment.

"Nah, Tom hasn't called me. And in fact, you know ... we have a little beef right now," Edelman said.

The rest of the panel obviously wanted the details, but Edelman wouldn't indulge, aside from coyly saying something about being unable to "kiss and tell."

"We'll leave it between us. But we have a beef right now," Edelman said. "I can't [share what it's about.] I can't kiss and tell! I can't kiss and tell, like someone said."

Edelman stared directly into the camera while trying to hold a straight face while delivering that line, seemingly saying all that needs to be said to Brady.

Edelman has of course not been shy about much of anything in his first year as an NFL analyst. And considering his long and successful relationship with Brady, the quarterback has obviously come up once or twice or 600 times in his commentary. Perhaps Edelman shared a little too much for Tom's liking at some point.

Whatever it might have been, it feels safe to assume the two can work out their differences. And if Brady does become the first repeat Super Bowl champ since he and the Patriots did it in 2003 and 2004? Brady just might be clipping this latest video and sending it to Julian from the winning locker room.

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