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Judge Doty On Roger Goodell: 'I'm Not Sure The Commissioner Understands There Is A CBA'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Thus far in Tom Brady's legal fight against the NFL, it seems as though the NFLPA was lucky enough to secure a federal judge who has many doubts about Roger Goodell and the league's case against the quarterback.

Yet after Wednesday, the players' union may still feel the pain of not having Judge David Doty hear the case in Minnesota.

Doty has ruled against Goodell in the past, notably in the Adrian Peterson case. And on Wednesday, in a hearing related to that Peterson case, Doty showed that he does not hold much respect for Roger Goodell's ability and capacity to serve as commissioner of the NFL.

"I'm not sure the commissioner understands there is a CBA," Doty said, according to USA Today.


Back at the end of July, the NFLPA filed its lawsuit in Minnesota, presumably with the hope of having the case land before Judge Doty. Yet the NFL's preemptive filing in New York kept the case there instead, and Judge Richard Berman is currently overseeing that case.

Judge Doty said "we're all curious" to see how Berman rules, so Doty is clearly paying attention to the proceedings. Perhaps Berman might catch wind of Doty's public statement as well.

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