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Judge Berman 'Grills' NFL On Proof Of Brady Knowing About Deflated Footballs

BOSTON (CBS) -- In the weeks leading up to Tom Brady and the NFL's meeting with U.S. District Judge Richard Berman, it was widely believed that the discussions would focus almost entirely on the collective-bargaining agreement and whether the discipline process employed by Roger Goodell was fair.

As it turns out, there's more than just process on the table for Judge Berman.

Berman began Wednesday's session by asking a string of pointed questions to the NFL, many of which centered on whether the league had actually proven that Tom Brady played a role in any plan to deflate footballs in the AFC Championship Game.

New York Daily News reporter Stephen Brown provided a thorough play-by-play of events on Twitter.

As expected, Berman then directed questions toward Jeffrey Kessler, who is representing Brady.

No settlement was reached on Wednesday, but Berman did meet with both sides separately after Wednesday's session. If the two sides can't reach a settlement on their own, they will meet with Judge Berman again on Aug. 19.

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