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Judge Berman Announces DeflateGate Decision Will Come 'By The End Of The Week'

BOSTON (CBS) -- On Monday, Judge Richard Berman stated that he'd likely issue his decision on the case between the NFL and the NFLPA regarding Tom Brady on Tuesday or Wednesday. But at the end of the day on Tuesday, Berman extended that window just a bit.

"The Court anticipates issuing its Decision and Order by the end of the week," Berman wrote in an order stamped Sept. 1, 2015.

That was, in totality, the judge's entire statement.

SEE: Judge Berman Announces Ruling Will Come 'By The End Of The Week'

The order means, simply, that the world must wait perhaps until Friday to learn of the judge's ruling.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is fighting the a four-game suspension issued to him by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. At first, Brady was suspended for being "at least generally aware" of ball deflation on the night of Jan. 18 -- ball deflation which was "more probable than not" to have happened. That alleged transgression by Brady grew into orchestrating a "scheme" when Goodell issued a letter which upheld his original decision.

Judge Berman went hard after the NFL during the public proceedings this month, leading many to believe the judge will rule in favor of Brady and thus vacate the suspension. However, such decisions in collectively bargained labor disputes are somewhat rare in court, and the outcome of the case remains difficult to predict.

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