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Josh Gordon Gets Locker Right Next To Tom Brady's In Patriots Locker Room

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Josh Gordon didn't exactly pan out in Cleveland the way the Browns hoped he would. It's unknown if he'll thrive with the Patriots in his new home in New England. But what is known is that the wide receiver will not be able to avoid the watchful eye of the greatest quarterback of all time.

Either by Belichickian design or a simple twist of fate, Gordon is now locker mates with Tom Brady.

The arrangement was noticed quickly by every single Patriots beat writer who walked into the locker room at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday afternoon following the team's practice in Foxboro, albeit via slightly different wording.

As will surely be noted once or twice, the locker next to Brady's was once occupied by a receiver by the name of Randy Moss. While anyone hoping for Moss-level production out of Gordon would be considered to be slightly over-optimistic, it is worth noting that significant pairing from the past.

"When I got there, I was sitting like, 'Oh man, I'm going to play with Tom Brady,' so I wanted them to put my locker right beside his because whenever game time came about, I wanted to know everything," Moss once shared. "If not everything, at least 98, 99 percent of everything he's going to call. So if I see a defense shifting or I see the linebackers doing something, he might change the play, and I know why and what he's changing it to. I know why he's changing it."

It's yet to be seen how well Gordon will pick up the Patriots' offense. Surely, many veteran receivers have struggled to do so in the past, and that's with the benefit of time in the spring and summer. The task is tall for Gordon to be able to contribute to the Patriots, but at the very least, he'll have the world's greatest football teacher within an arm's reach should he have any questions.

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