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'I Know I Backed Up Traffic.' Suspect Apologizes After Latest In String Of State Police Chases

BOSTON (CBS) - A car police followed on the Massachusetts Turnpike from Boston to Framingham ended up with tires blown on spike strips police had laid out just before 7 o'clock Thursday morning.

Hours later, the driver apologized outside court. "I know I backed up traffic and caused a scare. I live out in Berkshire County, so I apologize," said Joseph Lyman. His LinkedIn account says he's an insurance agent from the Western Massachusetts town of Monterey.

It's the third Massachusetts State Police pursuit in a little more than a week. In this case, police ran Lyman's license plate when he allegedly didn't use a signal to change lanes and found his registration had lapsed. When they tried to stop him, police said he wouldn't.

"It was just traffic cones, and it was a really frustrating situation," Lyman later told reporters.

Prosecutor Andrew Haag said he was "in the middle lane, doing approximately 55-65 miles per hour." Haag said Lyman "was holding his wallet out the window." Police said he told them he has anxiety and panicked.

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said it's never an easy decision for police. "Did the person commit a crime of violence? Is the potential danger to the public higher if you chase them or if you let them go?"

Also on the Pike, one day earlier, police chased a stolen car from Charlton to Stockbridge on Wednesday, eventually arresting the driver, Kevin Oldaker. Last week, another suspect, Ian Grant, was arrested after a wild chase from New Bedford through Rhode Island, eventually ending in Connecticut.

"It's terrifying to see something like that happen," said Davis. He said drivers who come across dangerous situations like that should react slowly and carefully. "Don't immediately cut to the left or to the right," he said. "Pull over when it's safe to do so, but doing that quickly and erratically can sometimes be more dangerous."

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