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Jones & Keefe: Do Patriots Have To Establish Run Against Seattle?

BOSTON (CBS) - The Patriots defense and the Seahawks offense are no slouches by any means, but 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones is more intrigued with the opposite sides of the football for both teams.

The Patriots are very good on offense in the short and intermediate passing game, and the Seahawks on defense are particularly good at tightening those small windows closing in on tackles with speed.

"I just think if Seattle's team speed is that good, in a five to 10-yard box, then the Patriots are screwed. We saw that with Denver in the Super Bowl last year. I'm not sure the Patriots can exploit Seattle over the top, and exploit them downfield," Jones said of the matchup. "I think they have to win in that five to 15-yard area. It's strength on strength. That's where New England excels, that's where Seattle excels. That's the game."

Rich Keefe, more so than Adam Jones, thinks the Patriots running game will be an important factor in deciding the game.

"Even with Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman not one hundred percent, that secondary is so good. I think [Patriots] need to run more than you do," Keefe told Jones.

"Closer to 50-50. I wouldn't go 75-25 or anything like that. Anytime the team you're facing has a good secondary and a good pass defense you're not going to completely abandon the pass -- not when you have Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. But I do think you need to run it. With Earl Thomas not one hundred percent, I think LeGarrette Blount could be the perfect type of back. Is Thomas going to want to fly in there, with his shoulder hurt, and start hitting LeGarrette Blount all the time?"

Listen below for the full discussion:

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