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Keller @ Large: Sen. Elizabeth Warren On Protecting Pot-Friendly States, Mueller

BOSTON (CBS) -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren is working with Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner to pass a bill that would protect states that have legalized marijuana from federal oversight.

For states where weed is legal or close to it, the bill protects the right to regulate weed and allows banks to do business in the pot industry by removing the fear of federal intervention.  "But in a state like Oklahoma, that hasn't [legalized weed], it just leaves the current law intact: that is federal law determines, and it would remain illegal in Oklahoma," Warren explained in an interview with Jon Keller.

Warren also said that she hoped Republicans would be on the same page with her if President Trump were to fire the attorney general as a way to shut down the Mueller investigation. "That they would stand up for rule of law," she said. "I want them to pass a piece of legislation that says that special counsel Mueller gets to complete his investigation without political interference and cannot be fired by Donald Trump. The Republicans have refused to do that. They have refused to bring it to the floor. But at the same moment, they have also said, we don't need it because Donald Trump will not fire Mueller. We all stand for the rule of law."

She believes a "constitutional crisis" will ensue if Trump attempts to fire Mueller.

Beth Lindstrom, a Republican looking to unseat Warren, once called her an "extremist." Keller noted that Warren does appear to want extreme changes to the financial and political status quo. "Look, I think that we need a government that doesn't just work for the rich and the powerful," she responded.

"A few months ago, the Republicans went behind locked and closed doors to rewrite the American economy through the tax bill. Their decision was to give away a trillion and a half dollars to the largest corporations and to billionaires -- and to let everyone else just fall behind."

Warren argued, if there was actually a trillion dollars to spare, why was it not spent improving healthcare, student loans, or infrastructure? She believes the "super-rich" have been benefiting from the government and trickle down economics for the last 35 years.

"The middle-class American family, the working American family, has been squeezed dry and it's happened, no because they are not working hard, it's happened because of policies initiated right here in Washington D.C."

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