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Keller @ Large: Trump Loses Latino Support

BOSTON (CBS) -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign has been touting a "softening" of his tone on immigration issues, and his well-received appearance alongside Mexico's president Wednesday afternoon seemed to be part of that tactical change.

But the "new" Trump tone didn't last very long, says WBZ political analyst Jon Keller, with Wednesday night's speech at a rally in Phoenix sounding more harsh than ever.

That was too much even for the pro-Trump latinos of the National Hispanic Advisory Council for Trump, which held a widely-publicized meeting with the candidate just last month.

Several of them said today they are quitting the council in disgust over Trump's remarks, including the head of a prominent organization of conservative latinos.

"He gave the impression, the campaign gave the impression until yesterday morning, that he was going to deal with the undocumented in a compassionate way," said Alfonso Aguilar of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principle on CNN Thursday. "And in that speech he's basically saying, we deport you or we self-deport you, it's even worse than he initially proposed."

Another member of the council called the group a "scam."

On the plus side for Trump, his return to the immigration red meat has excited his core supporters--but they were all set to vote for him anyway.

These defections are a sign he may have squandered several weeks' worth of efforts to broaden that support.


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